Heavy Duty

Kenworth 50-ton Sliding Rotator


With the ability to rotate the boom 360-degrees, as well as slide the boom from front to back, there is no job too tough for our Kenworth 50-ton Sliding Rotator. When the working conditions are confined, this wrecker separates itself from the pack.

Kenworth 50-ton Sidepuller


Equipped with 4 winches, our Kenworth 50-ton wrecker is a recovery monster that can winch off the side, enabling traffic to flow freely while we work without blocking traffic lanes.

Landoll Slide Axle Lowboy


Our specialized Landoll Slide Axle Trailer is capable of transporting a wide array of vehicles and equipment.

Medium Duty


Extended Cab International 16-ton Wrecker

Dynamite comes in small packages! Our 16-ton Medium Duty Wrecker is one of the most versatile trucks in our fleet, as it has the capability to tow anything from a small front wheel drive car to a semi truck.



Our Rollbacks are far and away the workhorses of our fleet. With capacities ranging from 8,000 pounds to 20,000 pounds, we have a Rollback sized to fit your needs.